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This storytelling platform exists for three reasons:

1.) To give people an opportunity to be heard
2.) To let storytellers and listeners know they are not alone
3.) To give people hope and inspiration that healing is possible and we can all be set free from our shame, even when we can’t see a way out

One of the greatest gifts a person can receive is an opportunity to be heard. Every single person on this earth has a story, but most of them will never have an opportunity to have their story heard. While we know we can’t share everyone’s story, we are at least striving to give a voice to as many people as we can.

Uncovered is on a mission to share stories of shame from people who have walked through the healing and come out on the other side with a message of hope or inspiration.

We believe that uncovering your shame allows you to finally love yourself fully and thus step into the abundance this life can offer by moving you closer to becoming the truest version of yourself, the person you were put on this earth to be.

We are always looking for courageous people who are willing to remove their masks, uncover their shame and share their story.

“When you let the world LOVE you for the thing SHAME told you made you unlovable you can finally start to LOVE YOURSELF FULLY.” – Nichole Mischke

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