Project Description

Living well with Anxiety and Obsessive Compulsive Disorder

Amanda Hiebert only has a handful of people in her life who know her battle with severe anxiety and obsessive compulsive disorder. Her symptoms ranged from fear of contamination, order and perfect symmetry, religious ideas and uncontrollable thoughts about harming herself or others. For the first time she ie uncovering her story in hopes that it might help someone else and bring about a fullness of healing she hasn’t known before. Over the last decade she has done a lot of work to get to good place and she credits counseling, antidepressants, a wonderful church community and her faith in God for helping her come out of her darkness. I personally would like everyone to know how terrifying it is for a person to do what Amanda has decided to do and while I am so inspired by her bravery… I am even more excited for her to experience that transformation that’s about to happen in her life BECAUSE she’s decided to finally ignore the fear that’s kept her silent and break free from her shame. CONTACT AMANDA: If anyone would like to personally reach out to Amanda, she doesn’t have Facebook but she would love you to send her an email at