Encouraging People to Share Their Shame

Nichole Mischke will tell you she’s always had a passion for sharing OTHER people’s stories… but it took finding the courage to share her OWN story to finally allow her to step into alignment with the truest version of herself and vision for her life.

In 2018, Nichole made the difficult decision to leave television news, a job she once believed would be a lifelong career, when she was presented with an opportunity to travel as a speaker across the country for a women’s conference called More Than Me and share her story on the power of uncovering shameful secrets. At the same time she launched her own media business (Nichole Mischke Media), working as a local photographer and videographer for families and businesses.

In 2019 Nichole stepped out to chase her greatest dream, launching a storytelling platform called
UNCOVERED where she shares stories of shame in the form of mini documentaries, taking on all tasks of pre and post-production. The vision for UNCOVERED came after Nichole herself experienced the transformative power of stepping out of shame and sharing a part of her story she once swore she would never admit to anyone, that she had struggled with severe bulimia in total secret for nearly a decade.

It’s almost unbelievable to her at times to know she’s actually living her life completely healed from an eating disorder that once felt like it had complete control over her because she even remembers a time when she thought bulimia would kill her.

“I would say to myself, ‘just ask for help!’ However, that thought was immediately followed by a much louder voice, which said, ‘Absolutely not! I would rather die than ever ask for help and have to live with the bulimic label attached to my name for the rest of my life.’

I didn’t know it at the time, but that was the voice of shame. I did not believe there was hope for me. Everything inside told me there was no way out of my battle. I felt like a drug addict, completely out of control. At my worst I was binging and purging up to 15 times a day. I stole food, I even maxed out a $5,000 credit I secretly used to buy food or replace food I’d eaten in our home so my husband wouldn’t know.

Today, I’m now in a place where I have not only found healing from an eating disorder that once controlled my life, but I have fully embraced my story, all of it, and today I can actually say I’m thankful for the journey. I’m thankful for the thing I used to pray no one ever found out about me. I’m thankful because bulimia taught me the most universal truth of the human experience… that WE ALL struggle… perfection is only a mask we wear to hide our shame. I’m thankful because bulimia allowed me to finally understand what it means to love myself FULLY. I’m thankful because bulimia finally allowed me to understand what it means to be loved and created by God, for a purpose greater than myself, imperfectly perfect, just as I am.

Overall, what continues to fuel Nichole today is looking back on the transformation she experienced in sharing her story. It has lit a fire in her to give that same transformative gift to other people and to set others free from the chains and lies of shame, fear, and inadequacy. Her mission is to share stories of shame from people who have worked through the healing and come out on the other side of the darkness with a message of hope or inspiration.

“Shame tells us that we’re completely alone and that we’re more broken, messed up, and unloveable than everyone else around us. We THINK we’re protecting ourselves by staying quiet, but we are actually robbing ourselves of ever experiencing the greatest human desire which is to be FULLY KNOWN AND LOVED FOR ALL THAT WE ARE.

When we live with a secret or have a part of our story we try to hide, we will never know what it feels like to be fully loved and when we don’t feel fully loved it’s impossible to ever reach our potential because we don’t feel worthy of it.

UNCOVERING shame allows the world to finally LOVE YOU FOR ALL THAT YOU ARE and when you let the world love you for the the thing SHAME told you made you unloveable you can finally start to LOVE YOURSELF FULLY.

The first time I ever shared my story I received one of the greatest gifts a person can experience: I realized I wasn’t alone. In room full of strangers, I met people who thanked me for my courage because they too had fought the same battle. What a gift that was to my soul.

My life, my self-worth, and my soul were all transformed that evening. I finally understand what it means to know I am worthy of love JUST AS I AM. My story didn’t define me after all… in fact, it was actually the missing piece I’d been searching for to propel me into living in alignment with the truest version of myself.

UNCOVERED is about giving others the opportunity to be heard and giving a voice to shame. Shame can only hold power over us when left unspoken, but when we speak it out, the death grip it once had over us slowly loosens and before we know it, we are free to be exactly who we were put on this earth to be.”

Most recently Nichole has teamed up with Psychologist, shame researcher, and 2020 TedX speaker Dr. Shawn Horn to launch an online YouTube talk show, called The Shame Sisters where they discuss all things shame, including the neuroscience behind it and practical tools people can use to heal. Nichole and Dr. Horn share the same vision of transforming people from living the life they were programmed to live into the life they were designed to live… and this transformation happens when a person releases their shame and the masks of perfection they hide behind and realizes their story and their brokenness does not define them but can actually propel them forward.

This is the audio recording of me sharing my story for the very first time. It’s about 13 minutes long and explains a lot about my struggle and the factors surrounding it. I invite you all to listen: https://tinyurl.com/ycgy7w7s

A Sharer of Shame

 The new title I’ve given myself is a “Sharer of Shame.” 

If you have a story you’d be willing to UNCOVER please reach out to me. I know that it’s scary. I know everything in you is telling you to stay quiet, but today I’m asking you to choose TRUTH over FEAR. Choose to believe the truth in the power and transformation that is available to all of us when we own the fullness of our stories instead of continuing to listen to the voice of fear and shame that keeps us trapped.