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My name is Nichole Mischke. I am a wife to a handsome car salesman and a mother to two children who serve as constant reminders to what really matters in life… family, friendship, good health, and laughter.

After working nearly 6 years on a morning television news show, I decided to hang up my mic and take my spot behind the camera!

Ever since I can remember, I’ve had a passion for sharing and telling stories! This is one of the reasons I love photography! Each photo shoot makes me feel like I get to be a part of sharing someone’s story and I love knowing¬† I’m capturing incredibly beautiful moments that will be cherished by my clients for years to come.

Family photos, senior photos, engagement photos, weddings, milestone photos, event photography… I do it all!

Please also know that the income I generate from my photography business is allowing me to share incredible stories of hope and healing. In other words, by hiring me as a photographer, you are supporting my biggest passion and mission which is to be a sharer of shame!

“Sharer of shame” you ask? That’s right! Aside from photography, my other passion is sharing and uncovering stories of shame in the lives of people brave enough to be vulnerable.

How did I find myself on this mission? Well, the short version of my story is that I struggled with an eating disorder for almost 10 years, bulimia specifically. At my worst I was vomiting 10-15 times a day and no one ever knew! I was a master at hiding my secret! Once I finally felt like I had overcome it, I was actually more relieved I had never been caught than I was relieved to have stopped. I truly thought I would take my secret to the grave! But my secret slowly ate away at me and a series of events led me to a place where I knew I needed to share my pain. Sharing my story has been the most life changing, liberating and healing experience! I still stand with my jaw dropped at times, reflecting on what a gift it has been to finally be vulnerable! To finally be able to love and accept myself despite my flaws and dirty secrets. I am now on fire to give that same healing and wholeness to as many people as I possibly can!

My eating disorder used to consume me and I often felt completely alone in my battle. I felt like I was the only one who was broken and couldn’t get control of myself. Please hear me now though when I say that those are the lies shame tells us to believe. We think we’re protecting ourselves by putting on our best face and hiding the worst parts of us, but secrets only keep you sick and stuck in a dark place.

Shame will hold you back in every area of your life whether you realize it or not! So if nothing else, I hope my story can encourage you to share your pain and shame, even if it’s just with one person.

If you have a story you’d be willing to share on my platform, “Uncovered with Nichole Mischke,” please reach out to me. Not only will you find healing and freedom, you will also learn you were never alone in your pain… in fact you were and are still surrounded by people going through the exact same thing!


Nichole was so great to work with and my kids had a lot of fun shooting with her! I would recommend her to anyone looking for amazing photos with affordable pricing. Thank you Nichole!!

David Masten

Business Owner, NW Artisan Concrete

My experience in working with Nichole on a photo shoot was absolutely incredible. She made it so much fun for me. She had great ideas on locations, settings, lighting and outfits. She walked me through every step and by the end I felt like a pro! I would highly recommend Nichole for a photo shoot… especially if you have never done one. She is so good with people and made me feel right at home.

Stephanie Sarro

Watercolor Artist, Interior Designer and Architectural Draftsman, Stephanie Sarro Intetior Design & Architecture Studio 8

My family and I have had a few photo shoots with Nichole and she did an amazing job! She was so patient with my two year old and newborn. She was also quick to get our photos back to us. I highly recommend her!

Austin Kegley

Stay At Home Home

Nichole was so friendly, provided some great ideas, and very efficient. Plus, she makes you feel comfortable in front of a camera!

Dolores McBride

Business Owner, Rodan & Fields


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